Do I really need to be computerised?

For an efficient optical and contact lens practice ORASIS PMS is almost as important as a Slit lamp! It won’t be long before you wonder how you ever managed without it!

What specification of PC is needed to run Orasis?

The recommended PC Specification: Windows XP or above with 2 GHz Dual Core processor and 1 GB RAM. Microsoft Office 2003 or above

What Hardware will I require?

Every workstation will require a PC, flat-screen monitor (less space and create a ‘wow’ factor) and mouse. The workstations will be linked together to form a network, and also linked to the network will be one or more printers and broadband will be required for external communications. One PC will be assigned to store your database and must therefore be powered up at all times. The others will be clients networked to it. We will recommend what specification the PC has to be but remember the fastest processors are the best but more expensive. But anything too slow will be more inconvenient for your patients and you, and will quickly become obsolete!

Can I buy the hardware direct from Orasis?

Yes, Orasis is an IBM/Lenovo partner and can supply, install and support their hardware throughout the UK.

Can I provide my own hardware?

You will require hardware on which the software can be installed. You can supply your own or we can supply it for you. If you already have a Pentium 4 running at 2GHz this will suffice as a client. Currently, we recommend a 2GHz dual-core CPU processor and 1GB RAM. Orasis is an IBM partner and can supply, install and support their hardware throughout the UK.

What does Orasis use to look after my database?

Orasis uses Microsoft SQL server which handles the data with stability and performance

How do I do back-ups?

It is essential to have either a tape or zip drive on the machine to store your database for backing up in the case of emergencies but we prefer you to back-up on-line. We can discuss this with you in more detail.

Does Orasis run on Windows 7?

Yes it successfully runs on windows 7.

Can I run Orasis on an Apple computer?

Yes, but you will need to use either Boot Camp or VMware Fusion, which are available from Apple.

Which network does Orasis use?

To connect the network together the usual way is with a Cat5 network cable.


With regard to printers, we will recommend the best one at the current time for your requirements.

Point of Sale?

For the full Electronic point of sale and stock control system you may require a receipt printer, cash drawer, label printer and a bar code reader which we can supply.


Do I need to buy all the modules?

No, Orasis is a modular system, so depending on how much or how little you wish to computerize it can cater for your needs. At the very least you need a database and a patient recall system; this may only require one computer at reception, although further machines in the consulting room, dispensing points and the back office makes life much easier.

The next stage would be to have the appointment book/diary closely followed by financials and the Epos module, then the products, orders and dispensing module.

For those who are keen to gain and retain their current database the obvious module is the marketing module which can target your high end customers with personal promotional campaigns.

Do I need to buy the software for every PC on my network?

No, once you have bought the modules for the main PC (Server) you can have it on any number of computers.

What type of network should I use?

A standard CAT5 cable network is all you need to run Orasis.

Can I integrate Orasis with my optical equipment?

Yes, we will endeavor to integrate Orasis to most modern optical equipment. Currently, It successfully links to Nidek and Topcon so do give us a call.

Can I access Orasis from another practice and from home?

Yes, you can set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) which will enable you to access it from any location or additionally you can use windows terminal server.

How much training do I need?

The very best software should be easy to learn and customers have said they can use Orasis within days! You probably could sit down and use it without any training at all – but we do recommend some training to guide you through the system. It is a vital part of the successful installation of the Orasis PMS to ensure you and your staff get the best out of Orasis. We would recommend half day to one day’s training. It can be provided onsite on the day or the day after installation or online at any time. You may wish to receive training at a later date when you have had ‘a play’ yourself or even a further refresher day after a period of time, this is ideal when you have become more familiar with the system to further your knowledge and confidence. However, it really depends on your IT experience and we are happy to discuss and advise accordingly. Whatever you’re requirements we can happily offer you the flexibility you require. Paying per hour helps to keep the costs down for you as well.

Data Transfer

Just to let you know, over the years, we have successfully transferred data from existing practice management systems into Orasis practice management system. So, don’t worry you won’t have to re-input it manually.

Is it easy to use?

When you load ORASIS you can see from the home page where you want to go – it really is the software that does want you want it to! The screens and the patient record is easy to understand and at a glance!

What does Orasis use to look after my database?

Orasis uses Microsoft SQL server which handles the data with stability and performance.